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•  Pacific Rim Properties Funds

This group of funds started in 1992 as a conduit for friends and family to invest in U.S. real estate. Chenco has built co-investment relationships with numerous top-tier institutional investors in the United States. Pacific Rim Properties Funds focus on value-added strategy in commercial real estate, and primarily invest in properties in the west coast and the Sun Belt region.

•  RedRock U.S. Real Estate Funds

RedRock U.S. Value-Added Real Estate Fund is the first of our funds seeking to invest in majority positions in income-producing U.S. real estate. The fund will operate nationally with a focus on states where we have experience or that offer superior matrices of opportunities and returns. The fund will invest across all real estate sectors.

Chenco works closely with our asset management partners to identify undervalued properties with potential to be transformed. Through effective repositioning – including design, precise execution of renovation, and operations improvements – we can add value to the properties and achieve our investment objectives.