Chenco is a real estate asset and fund management company that strives to create long-term value for our investors and shareholders through U.S. real estate private equity fund management and real estate operating company investments.

Founded by Derek M.D. Chen in 1991, Chenco has successfully created or invested in over 20 real estate operating or investment management companies across the Pacific. In the U.S., our operating partners have achieved excellent project-level returns by implementing specialized strategies such as repositioning of multifamily, office and industrial properties, developments of residential as well as management of executive suites and coworking spaces.

As a cross-Pacific platform, Chenco has raised PRP series funds primarily from the Greater Asia region to invest as sponsor equity for acquisition of properties in the United States. Our total transaction value in the U.S. has surpassed US$35 billion over the past 30 years.

To provide services to our investors and partners, we operate from offices located at both ends of the Pacific, including Irvine, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Phoenix, Taipei, Singapore, Tianjin, Beijing and Seoul. Our senior executives have decades of experience in the sectors in which we operate. Our professionals hold advanced degrees from top-tier universities in the United States, Canada and the U.K., have received training from institutions and possess intimate knowledge of both the Greater Asia and U.S. markets.

Our Vision

We strive to become a premier real estate financial service group that seamlessly connects capital and real estate investment opportunities across the Pacific. Our goal is to provide market-leading investment management and advisory services, and to consistently deliver superb returns to our clients.

- Derek M.D. Chen

Our Performance

30 YEARS - One of the Largest Asian-owned U.S. Real Estate Investment & Fund Management Companies

10 Billion

Asset Under Management (AUM)

10 Thousand

Multifamily Units Currently Owned

21 Million

Commercial Square Feet Holding

530 Projects

Acquired in 18 States

10 Professional

Local Operating Partners

40 Tier-one

Co-Investors and Capital Partners

Our Businesses

We take a long-term view in our fund management and venture capital business segments, seeking to manage risk, leverage operational expertise and generate sustainable returns. Our team combines cross-Pacific expertise and local knowledge with top-down research and investment management to optimize execution for our investors and partners.

Real Estate Fund Management

With over 30 years of industry experience, Chenco continues building close partnerships with our investors in the U.S. and Greater Asia to raise sponsor equity funds investing in properties managed by our operating partners in the United States. Together with capital from institutional investors and lenders, Chenco’s Pacific Rim Properties Fund Series and Land Fund Series facilitate our U.S. operating team acquisitions and business plan execution to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Real Estate Venture Capital

Since 1996, Chenco has successfully co-founded or invested in real estate operating companies including The Bascom Group, Premier Workspaces, SteelWave and Newport Pacific Land. Chenco will continue to pursue venture capital or private equity investment in the United States and Greater Asia to collaborate with proven professional teams capable of delivering excellent return and growing asset under management.

Our Funds

We pursue a variety of value-driven investment strategies to optimally match the objectives of our institutional and private investors. Since we started investing in real estate in 1991, the growth of our funds across property types and geographies has expanded our ability to achieve diversification and generate compelling risk-adjusted returns.

Pacific Rim Properties Fund Series

This group of funds started in 1992 as a conduit for friends and family to invest in the U.S. real estate market. Since then, Chenco and our operating partners have built co-investment relationships with numerous top-tier institutional investors in the United States and the Greater Asia region. Pacific Rim Properties Funds focus on value-added strategies in sectors including multifamily, office and industrial properties, and primarily invest in projects on the West Coast and the Sun Belt region.

Pacific Rim Properties Land Fund Series

The Land Fund Series focuses on residential land development, capitalizing on the opportunistic shortage of single-family residential lots in the United States. The strategy of the Land Fund Series is to create value in two phases. The first phase entails increasing market value by pursuing raw land entitlement. The subsequent phase calls for development of improved lots through completion of improvements including subdivision, grading, paving and infrastructure. Currently, all of our projects under Land Fund series are located in California or Nevada.

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