Edward Chou (Taipei)
Managing Director
Fred Liao (Irvine)
Managing Director & CEO, U.S. Operations
Dennis Chan (Irvine)
Managing Partner
Justin Hsu (Irvine)
Managing Director & COO
Fernando Bensuaski (Las Vegas)
Managing Director & CFO
Jack Lin (Taipei)
Senior Vice President
Han Jang (Irvine)
Senior Vice President
Andrew Chen (Las Vegas)
Assistant Vice President
Julia Chou (Taipei)
Accounting Manager
Paige Tsay (Las Vegas)
Accounting Manager
RaeAnn Xu
RaeAnn Xu
Investment Analyst
Jamie Fang (Taipei)
Special Assistant to Chairman
Eva Shi (Taipei)
Administrative Assistance
John Gu (Tianjin)
Manager of Accounting
Sabrina Wang (Tianjin)
Executive Assistant
Jessy Wang (Tianjin)
Investment Analyst
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