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Chenco Participates in Promoting the Reconstruction Plan of St. Camillus Hospital Penghu

August 20, 2020

Looking back to 2020, Covid-19 has disrupted the U.S. economy unprecedently. Although the Fed and government officials took timely measures to prevent a catastrophic recession, the economy is still on the path of a slow recovery. Fortunately, according to Wells Fargo’s January forecast, the real GDP growth estimate for Q4 2020 is 4%, indicating a brighter prospect in the coming year. Looking onward to 2021, with an additional stimulus package and more proactive epidemic prevention measures after the Biden administration takes office, the economy is expected to return to normal growth trajectory when the virus is well-contained.

Regardless of the impact of pandemic, Chenco still contributes to the greater good of society by giving back, and philanthropy remains one of our core values. The president’s wife and well-known music producer Paula Ma accepted the invitation of The Camillian Foundation to serve as the ambassador of Saint Camillus Hospital Penghu, promoting the hospital’s reconstruction plan. Through her charity single “Love Has No Distance”, Ms. Ma spreads the energy of love to the society with her touching voice and encourages everyone to participate in this charity project.

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