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Nathan Chiang (Taipei/Irvine)

March 14, 2023

Nathan Chiang has 3 years of experience in commercial banking and 3 years in the investment industry. Previously, he served as a Senior Analyst at Ithaca Investment Partners in Hong Kong, where he was responsible for analyzing transaction structures for investment cases, conducting due diligence, industry analysis, and post-investment management.

Before joining Ithaca, Mr. Chiang worked as a Financial Analyst in both the Corporate Banking and Consumer Banking departments at Standard Chartered Bank. He assisted in operational data analysis, financial planning, and strategy formulation for various departments, as well as ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Mr. Chiang also previously worked as an Executive Assistant and Financial Analyst at Li Tang Capital in Hong Kong, where he supported due diligence, investment structuring, and fund planning for investment cases.

Mr. Chiang obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Washington in 2013.

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